Strategy for Development and Implementation of Integrated Logistics System for Essential Health Commodities

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TANZANIA: Country Strategic and Evaluation Plan
1.0 Executive Summary
Two important initiatives shaping interventions in the health sector in Tanzania currently are the
integration of health service delivery and support systems, and the decentralization of management,
planning, budgeting and implementation of these interventions. Any proposed intervention strategy
for the public health sector must be consistent with the goals of these and other reform initiatives
identified by the government of Tanzania. Specifically, the strategy for development and
implementation of an integrated logistics system for essential health commodities described in this
document directly supports Strategy 5: Central Support Systems under Tanzania’s Health Sector
Reform Programme of Work for July 1999 – June 2002 with the ultimate goal of strengthening and
facilitating the provision of health services to be more responsive to the needs of the people.
Key components of Strategy 5: that are addressed in this document include:
- support to the indent and capitalization programs;
- strengthening of the Medical Stores Department;
- development of a logistics MIS to support planning and decision-making in
health commodity management, specifically quantification and forecasting
of commodity requirements;
- capacity building and strengthening of PSU to fulfill mandate for management
of essential health commodities under the Pharmaceutical Sector Master Plan;
- capacity building and support to regional, district and health facility staff to improve
management of essential health commodities using consumption data and an established
inventory control system
- coordination of current central and district level transport systems to improve distribution of
essential health commodities
The strategy proposed in the CSEP will cover the period from October 2001 to September 2004.
Thus, an intermediate term strategy had to be distinguished from the long term goals and objectives
of the MOH for logistics system implementation.

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